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Hi! I'm Preeti Agarwal. I help stay at home moms, moms on a career break, school teachers & women in search of passive income monetise their knowledge and skills by building vibrant learning communities. Attend the webinar to know how!

 My Story...

Born in a Marwari family of Jaipur, a tier 2 city, the eldest of 6 grandchildren, despite the societal norms of eldest grand-daughter being married “timely”, I still had dreams.

Dreams to create my identity, to be a “self-made woman”, to earn name & fame.

Admiration of successful women started at a very early age. I used to collect the articles from newspapers & magazines that featured successful women, that time known names like Chanda Kochhar, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw etc.

Choosing a life partner too was a career choice. I wanted a Man, more importantly a Family that values & respects my dreams of being a career oriented daughter-in-law.

I got married, my work life continued very much in Jaipur, I started feeling how difficult it is for a woman to make people understand the importance of a work life, when society thinks, “tumko kya zaroorat hai kaam karne ki”.

I that time failed to understand that why is zaroorat linked only to financial aspects!

I kept pushing myself, then I was blessed with motherhood.

I made a conscious decision to be with my child during the formative years & I withdrew from work life, ensuring myself,

Motherhood can put a comma but not a full stop to my work life.

I kept nurturing my child, parking my dreams for “sometime later”.

Ventured into a small entrepreneurial venture where my kid could accompany me, because those days (still not today) Jaipur din’t have companies offering child care facilities & crèche was definitely not on my cards.

Life continued, me enjoying the harmony between motherhood & just being constructively occupied in a small venture.

Second child & a bigger venture this time with huge investments (credit: my dear Mr Husband) & this was something I found coming closer to my dreams. People started recognizing me as “Preeti, the owner of Bachcha Party, a playarea”.

Today, while I pen down my story my heart is full of love for my family, for my work life & for my own self! I am grateful for all the hurdles & challenges that came my way b'cos these have just helped me evolve!

My Mission

I'm on a mission to help 100,000 women become financially independent, to create their identity & to make their parents proud.

For this to happen, I help women Launch their Profitable Online Kids' Activities Center. I wish to empower women , to give them wings to fly.

Today, I have a fast growing community, the Joyous Women Hub wherein I help women Rise & Shine!

I strongly believe that:

Why should a woman pay a motherhood penalty?

Why should a woman choose between her career & home?

Why should a woman be in a constant guilt trip because she choose to dream, because she wants to see her dreams coming to a reality?

It hurts me to see everyday some or the other woman juggling with the above & the solution to this is "DigiBiz"

We have every right to aspire, to Rise & Shine.

I want to serve each woman so that she lives her life JOYFULLY.

We are the architects of our lives!

Cheers to Womanhood!

Cheers to Motherhood!

sochenge toh definitely hoga :)

In 2023, I Have Founded The #1 Fastest Growing Community For Women To Build A Buisness That Gives Them Pure JOY!

We are adding value to the lives of each woman who comes across #JWH & thus we are growing each day by helping you grow!

Who Is Joyous Women Hub For?

The Wife Avatar

An ambitious married woman who is struggling to pursue her career dreams, who wants to unlock the path to Professional Fulfillment & Marital Bliss.

Who is torn between the dreams of professional success & demands of Married Life, who wants to balance success in Love and Work.

Imagine a life where you confidently pursue your career goals while maintaing a loving & supportive relationship with your spouse.

It's time to turn this dream to a reality. Have a fulfilling career along-with a Blissful Marriage!

The Mom Avatar

A dedicated working mom who is constantly juggling between career aspirations & the demands of motherhood.

Who is overwhelmed playing this dual role & constantly goes on a guilt trip, who has to during each moment choose between work & kid/s.

Imagine a life where you confidently pursue your career dreams while savoring the precious moments of being with your children.

It's time to turn this vision to a reality.Have a fulfilling career along-with a Blessed Motherhood!

The Sacrificing Avatar

A woman whose once vibrant career has taken a backseat due to one or multiple reasons, who has not unleashed her full potential.

Who has very conveniently made herself understand that for a woman it's only about her home!

You want to revive your ambition & reignite that fire within you, empower yourself & break free from the constraints that have held you back.

Embark on your career path now & pave the way to triumphant career comeback because ambition knows no bounds!

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Launching Soon! Stay Tuned!

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